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Couldn’t of asked for a better experience

I had spent two years looking into getting a transplant, I was very nervous about the whole thing. I came across GMH on instagram and had confidence in them straight away, they had lots of live feeds to watch and it seemed like the place to go.

I’m just home in Scotland after getting my surgery on the 02/01/20 and could not be happier already! Everything went exactly as was promised from getting picked up at the airport to dropped of for departure! The surgery itself couldn’t have went better it was 100% pain free, getting the anaesthetic was a wee bit nippy but nothing uncomfortable. The clinic is very professional, clean, staff covering all languages and very friendly. I honestly couldn’t of asked for a better experience and highly recommended anyone that is affected by hair loss to go for it!

Daniel Wemyss

Wish I had went sooner!!

Well lads.. after years of deliberation. Thousands of pounds spent on hair fibres and weekly haircuts to keep my Trump like side shed in order.

Just finished my second day at GMH. Really can’t fault them. Everything ran so smoothly.. the treatment was top notch. Can’t thank them enough.. last ones in the clinic after 9.5 hours on the table today!

Was quoted 4000-4500 grafts needed – Jamie and Mike are top lads and every thing was seamless from first message.

On my first check I was advised I wouldn’t get full coverage and this was echoed by the surgeon who suggested I do two days instead. (Extra payment) So pleased I did.

To go back to get bandages off tomorrow before catching a flight back home.. will be doing first wash at home due to time frames.

Been told 6700 grafts in total. 3000 first day from rear right of my head in to a very dense hairline. Further 2700 from rear left and 1000 from beard.

Also met a top bunch of boys out here themselves in the same boat staying in hotel! Defo not felt alone..

I’ve got a long road ahead.. but if your on the fence, go for it guys!!!

Ryan Daly

I would just like to thank everyone at…

I would just like to thank everyone at GMH, I had my hair transplant done on the 12th November 2019. I could not ask for anymore than what they did for me Mike, Killan and all the team in England and Istanbul were amazing from start to finish, they kept in touch with me checking to make sure everything was ok and I can’t forget the chauffeur, Mustufa he was very helpful and very polite. If anyone is thinking of getting a hair transplant I would 100% recommend GMH. I was very nervous as I went by myself but when I arrived I was put at ease, it was like one big happy family I made a few friends I can not praise GMH enough good luck and keep up the good work and all the best.

Peter McShane

I spent months researching hair…

I spent months researching hair transplants in Turkey and came across get more hair. These guys were Uk based from the moment I contacted them I knew I’d found the perfect fit. I sent them
my photos over and they pretty much did the rest, sorted out the clinic, my hotel transfers, answered any questions I asked them, constant support. I ended up meeting a couple of lads over there who were also booked through GMH and spent the next four days with them. We all said the same thing if we tried to explain how good the service was and all the doctors an techs we couldn’t do it justice 100% 5 star would recommend to anyone thinking about it GMH are the guys you need to see

Mike Lister

Very happy with the service from GMH

I would like to thank mike and James at GMH for everything as I am very happy with the service I got from them.

I have wanted a transplant for many years and I did a lot of research and these guys always came out on top and I personally know 5 or 6 lads that have already been with GMH and I know another 2 lads that are going over at Christmas and I would always recommend GMH to anyone as they are the best.

I already knew what I wanted when I first spoke to mike and James at GMH but they just gave me some advice and Mike helped me decide to have maximum grafts and the chest and beard as my hair loss was quite serious and that would help with more coverage.

Everything is simple and they sort everything out for you so I got picked up from the airport and taken to a very nice hotel and I was happy all round with the hotel they use.

The location is top of the range and very clean and tidy as you would expect and all the staff are very polite and professional and speak English. I spoke with the surgeon who is also very professional and very good at what he does and I ended up having my transplant over 2 days and all in I had 6200 grafts.

When I got home GMH was straight on the phone to me giving me all the information for the aftercare as the aftercare is just as important as the transplant. As I had so many grafts and the chest and beard I had questions every week after about different things for the aftercare and Mike and James answered them straight away and was always as helpful as possible and I was very Impressed with that .

So overall it was very professional and my transplant was carried out to a very high standard and I am very happy with my new hairline and can’t wait to see how it grows as I’m 4 weeks in now
Mike and James at GMH I couldn’t thank you more as you have been brilliant from start to finish, very easy to talk to on the phone and always been there when ever you have any questions. 10 out of 10 and highly recommended. Big thanks mike

Danny Fox

I’m going to start by saying that I had never been happy with my hair. I was 33 when I decided to visit GMH. I probably starting losing my hair when I was about 24. I work In a very customer facing job so like to look good but most importantly feel my very best.

After filling in a generic online questionnaire requesting information for hair transplants, I was quickly contacted by a number of companies. It wasn’t until later in the day that I received a phone call from Mike. Instantly I felt at ease due to the English connection. It was comforting to hear Mike’s story about his own hair transplant and how it had changed things for him. He emailed over some personal photos of his results and some information regarding pricing etc. I replied with some photos of my own and Mike explained how they could help. I decided to go for it.

The great thing was, that I didn’t have to part with any money until I got to Turkey. I simply booked my flights and presented the confirmation to GMH and they did the rest. This gave me great comfort as if I didn’t like the look of things when I got there, then I could have just taken a flight home.

As it happens, there was no need to worry. I was picked up from the airport on time is a well presented limo and taken to the hotel. The hotel is business airport hotel so is of a very good standard. I ate in the restaurant and the food was great, as was the breakfast selection. (** my advice would be to take an iPad loaded full of films.)

On the day of the surgery, I was picked up and taken to the hotel. There was a bit of a wait whist the paperwork was taken care of but the time flew by with consultations, head shaving and chatting to fellow patients.

I had a quick chat with the surgeon and the operation was under way. I will just mention that my particular op took 9 hours to complete so be prepared. It can be tough going but I promise you (that in my particular case) the results are more than worth it.

Following the operation I went back to the hotel for rest and returned the next day for a check up. This was just a rest day so quickly returned to the hotel to catch up on more sleep. I returned the following day for my first all important hair wash. I was issued with my vitamin tablets etc and taken for my flight home to the airport.

It is quite clear that from my time spent in Turkey and from the number of people sporting the Bjorn Borg style hand bands (designed to keep swelling down) that hair transplants are a huge business over here. I can only comment on my personal experience and say that I would have no hesitation in recommending GMH for this life changing procedure. My results are fantastic, I look completely different with absolutely no scaring or after effects of the procedure.

From the first contact with Mike right through to the after care calls and support that I received, my experience was excellent. They even offer a 10% reduction should you wish to go back for a top up in the years following.

Thanks to all involved


Happy hair transplant!

After a year of research I decided to get my hair transplant with GMH. They have always been extremely professional and helpful from the moment I contacted them. It’s all made very easy, from the initial assessment process to the actual surgery being performed. The whole experience went a smoothly as can be expected. The hotel, the pick ups to and from the clinic, the clinic itself and the work carried out by a great team, all this was at a high standard. I’m very happy with my results and looking forward to the months ahead. Thank GMH.



Had my hair done here, incredible results, researched and recommended by a friend who’d used GMH.
Absolutely blown away by my hair now.
Incredible overall experience 11 out of 10 from me

Vitamin review:


Superb, got my order perfect, arrived in 2 days from ordering, can’t ask much more than that

Scott McClurg

*Only a review on the service of procedure, not results*

I was nervous at first about going to turkey for a hair transplant but I really shouldn’t of been, From the minute we landed (my dad came with me for support) we found the travel desk easy and got our transfer, which was shared by another 2 guys from Germany, to our hotel.

Hotel was nice and it put me at ease just to see how many people were there to have procedures done themselves. GMH gave me a pickup time and Mustafa was there to pick me up, unfortunately there was no space in the van for my dad to come along to the hospital.
Hospital was very clean and modern, much better than my local hospital. I went with the DHI Micro-Sapphire Package. The Surgeon couldn’t have been nicer and helped to put me at ease, he designed my new hairline and had a brief chat with me regarding my hair.

Then I had my bloods taken and then before photos taken, head was then shaved and it was ready to go through to start the hair transplant. The needle free injections were only 2/10 in pain but in my opinion they done very little in the way of numbing for the main injections which were sore, probably a 7/10. Technicians then started harvesting the grafts before the surgeon came in to make the slit incisions on where these hair were going to be placed, then technicians placed the grafts in after.

Whole procedure took around 6/7 hours and I did not feel any pain after the injections, also the Xanax they give you really helped to calm me down and stop shaking. Everyone in the clinic were really helpful and nice and most spoke English.

Day 2 and 3 I was back to the clinic in the morning to have my hair washed and to pick up medication, I was free to explore Istanbul on day 2. I would 100% recommend the experience of going to turkey and also GMH’s service.

Jordan McKim

Just want to say a massive thankyou to…

Just want to say a massive thankyou to the team at GMH I couldn’t of asked for more tbh.from start to finish they were great everything was explained and made clear and very easy they sorted everything and always got straight back to me if I had any questions,really put my mind at rest.
They came recommended by friends and I would advise anyone looking for a hair transplant to use these guys they are the best!! was very very happy with the operation and all the aftercare was sorted and instructions on how to look after the hair after the transplant.everyone was friendly and very professional,changed my life can’t thank them enough!!

Lee Chambers

Feb 2020 Transplant with GMH

Like many of you reading this, I was sceptical about reading some online reviews for the many clinics in Istanbul. I sent off some pics via whatsapp to a few and I found that alot of them had promised the earth for a rock bottom price. Guaranteeing 5000+ grafts, full coverage, no pain etc….

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

GMH were the only ones that told it how it was and came back with a realistic evaluation of my current hair loss.

They suggested that they may be able to get 3-3500 grafts (subject to the surgeon seeing in person) and they may need to take some grafts from my beard to add extra density.

There was no pressure to book, or to pay deposits etc, and the whole process was left down to me to instigate. Even after I went quiet on them for 8 weeks, I got back in touch and picked up where we left off.

GMH is a well oiled machine, and the booking process was really easy – I paid a deposit via bank transfer and the rest was to be paid in cash at the clinic.

Mike even called me late at night when I had arrived in Istanbul to see how the flight was and make sure I was all set.

I wont go into huge detail on the procedure, but lets just say that I slept through most of it, and the clean clinic set my mind at ease. All of the techs and the doctor were very friendly, and knowledgeable.

Since having the procedure (one week ago) the team at GMH have been in touch to check my wellbeing and give me advice regarding aftercare.

If there is one takeaway from this, I spoke with Mike a couple of days ago and enquired about ‘referral’ fees for sending people his way.

Mike’s response (not verbatim) – ‘Although we appreciate the gesture, we want clients to get the best experience on their terms, so we dont want millions of people sent across to earn us a few more quid – the patient is going through a life changing procedure and we want to respect that process, and give them the time and personal service that they deserve’

There’s my meal ticket down the drain…..

Thanks Mike and Killian – I’ll leave another review in 12-18 months as long as my flowing locks dont block my keyboard.

David Gurnett

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