1 – Why is the price so low? Is there a catch?

There is no catch. The price is much cheaper than the UK hospitals for many reasons. Your hair transplant will take place at our award-winning JCI hospital in Turkey. The Turkish economy is different to the UK’s and in general the cost of everything there is much less expensive and so our price reflects that. You will receive the very best of care and your hair transplant will be just as good if not better than had you gone to a UK hospital and paid ten times as much. Just check our before and after pictures to see the kind of quality you can expect to receive. In a nut shell, we give you the Turkish price along with UK support to make sure that your hair transplant is a first class experience with great results. We want everyone to have a chance of a full head of natural looking hair at an affordable price.

2- Hair transplant in Turkey? I’ve heard about botched surgery abroad. Should I be worried?

It’s natural to be worried about any surgical procedure and you should always think long and hard about if it is the right thing for you. We are a UK company who specialise in working with a hair surgeon in Turkey. We have many before and after pictures to prove the quality of work and results achieved. We only work with a one JCI approved hospital and our surgeon must have more than 10 years experience before we send any patient to them. We have built a relationship of trust with our surgeon and are confident that not only is their work of impeccable quality but they are also English speaking and have a warm and comforting “bedside manner” You will feel at ease as soon as you speak with the doctor and we are available and on hand 24/7 on the days before during and directly after your transplant. As with any type of surgery, there is always a risk and you should get yourself informed before any surgery. We aim to offer Turkish prices with UK service. You will be more than satisfied with the whole procedure from the start to finish. We have a proven track record of successful transplants and hundreds of happy customers.

3- Which doctors and hospitals do you use?

As stated in the above answer we only use a JCI accredited hospital and doctor with over 10 years of experience in hair transplant surgery. We package our customer management service with the hair transplant so that you the customer gets the best of both worlds, Turkish prices with UK customer management support for one great price.

4- Will my transplanted hair ever fall out or is it mine for life?

The initial transplanted hair will fall out in the first few weeks (this is known as “shedding”) but the follicle will stay transplanted and will re-grow the hair that will stay there for life. The transplanted hair is taken from the area of the head that is known as the “nape” Male pattern baldness does not affect this area and therefore the hair will continue to grow. As with all hair transplants, you may lose up to 5% of the new “grafts” in the first few weeks and these will not grow back as it is the follicle that may not have taken and therefore no hair will grow from it. We have a fantastic reputation and our customers show excellent growth 8 months to 1.5 years post surgery. We are confident that we produce natural results and that is shown in our before and after pictures.

5 -You are offering maximum grafts & PRP Stem cell therapy all for one price? Really?

Yes! We will take as many grafts as possible and as needed to reverse the years of hair loss. PRP therapy is a new treatment to help regrow hair and stop hair falling out. We take a small amount of your own blood and separate the stem cell-rich plasma and then inject this into the affected areas. This treatment helps the transplanted hair as well as your original hair. Because this is your own stem cells from your own blood there is no adverse risk to you, just great results. All this for one low price.

6 -How long before I can expect results?

It will take roughly 3-4 months before the hair starts to grow and then as time goes by the hair will thicken and the density will improve up to a year and a half. Trust us though time will fly and you will feel better and better about your image. No one will know that you have had a transplant after a few months. Our motto is why wait? Get more hair.

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