Before & After Successes

Here are a few examples of before and after successes from our award winning hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Scroll past the images to see some videos of further successes.

Before the procedure our experienced DR assesses your current hair situation and helps to re-design your hairline in accordance with your forehead and facial features

We take photos from many different angles so that we can get a full understanding of your hair loss. if needed, we extract the maximum amount of grafts for a high density, natural look.

We aim to get your hair and hairline to look as natural as possible so that no-one would be able to tell that you have had a hair transplant.

All area’s are highlighted prior to the procedure so that you obtain a full head of natural looking hair.

You can expect to see quality results of your new natural looking hair from within 6 to 8 months

These results are at 8 months on from the hair transplant. You can expect the full and final results at 1 and half years ( 18 months) on from the hair transplant.

A new hairline is designed and the treatment area is prepped. The Doctor will asses how many grafts are needed and you will get the maximum you need, which are all inclusive in the one price you pay.

FUE hair transplant is the least invasive from of hair transplant available. We extract each graft direct from your head.

As you can se, we get all the angles of your hair line so that the very best results can be obtained.

After 8 months you can expect to see similar results as this. You will of course need to take your hair loss medication (which is provided for you) and wash your hair with the hair loss shampoo (which we also provide) for 9 months.

Hair density packing, maximum grafts and PRP stem cell therapy combined with a skilled Doctor, leads to the result of a full head of natural looking hair.

People with curly hair, need less grafts die to the way that the hair sits in the head and covers a greater area than straight hair.

Before crown
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After 1 year profil
After 1 year.
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