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Award Winning Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair loss affects many millions of men around the world. It can be distressing and can knock your natural confidence making you feel less of a man. Nowadays this need not be the case. Non-Invasive FUE hair transplants were once only for the affluent few who could afford it. We at “Get More Hair” believe in hair for all! Affordable FUE hair transplants from an award-winning “JCI Accredited” clinics in Turkey.

Successful hair transplants change lives. We perform FUE hair transplants every day with thousands of happy customers enjoying life with a full head of hair.

What Is Included in the All Inclusive price of £1800?

Maximum Grafts up to 5000 – PRP Stem Cell Therapy -After Care Medication – 2 Nights Hotel includes breakfast & WiFi – Airport pick up and Transfers – Essential aftercare medication – Before and After Care Support ( UK Support ) – 10 Year written guarantee

How To Get Started

Simply fill in the form to the side, add up to 5 pictures: front, back, top and both sides. We will get back to you within the day and let you know what kind of treatment plan we would put in place.
Remember, unlike other companies we charge one price for our “All Inclusive” package. No hidden cost just great looking affordable hair for life. Why wait? The time is now, just Get more hair!

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Before & After Successes

FUE Hair Transplant

A new hairline is designed and the surgery is planned bespoke to your individual requirements. The Doctor will assess how many grafts are needed and inform you of the potential results. Everything you will need is covered by our all-inclusive price package and you will always receive the maximum number of grafts needed (up to 5000 in a single 1-day session). PRP therapy is included in our all-inclusive price

FUE hair transplantation is the least invasive type of transplant. We extract each graft directly from your head with no need to cut a strip out like the FUT method.

The time frame for results does vary, but you can expect an amazing life changing result similar to these within 8-12 months. (up to 18 months for the crown)

About Us & Our Team

We work with one of the leading cosmetic surgeries based in Istanbul, Turkey who are licensed by the Ministry of Health, and was the first cosmetic surgery to perform a hair transplant in Turkey.

The clinic have built up a fantastic reputation since it’s establishment with fantastic reviews on whatclinic.com for the past three years, consecutively. With it’s incredible JCI Accredited hospital in Istanbul, our Surgeon is the ONLY Turkish doctor to be featured in The Times newspaper for his contribution and advancement in hair transplant surgery.

Mike Smith: A success story in his own right having had a successful hair transplant in 2015 & 2017 at their 5-star medical facility. Mike is a long time partner with the clinic. Arrange a call with Mike today. Mike is a hair transplant consultant and is based In the UK. Mike provides essential aftercare for every single patient that books through GMH giving amazing care and support at a time when you need it.

Award winning hair transplant clinic

Successful hair transplants change lives We are proud to be changing lives one head at a time. We have performed tens of thousands of FUE hair transplants over 14 years with thousands of happy customers enjoying life with a full head of hair.

  • You will be treated by highly renowned professionals with over 14 years worth of hair transplant experience specialised in FUE and PRP therapy.

  • FUE is a minimally invasive treatment, carried out under local anaesthetic – many patients either watch TV or even fall asleep during the procedure.

  • Unlike the Strip (FUT) procedure, you won’t require any stitches after your treatment. This means that the recovery time is also reduced when compared to the Strip surgery.

  • Thanks to our advanced skills and techniques, results can be undetectable, no one would ever know that you have had a hair transplant.

  • Following treatment, you won’t have any linear scarring on the back of your head – you’ll be free to wear your hair long or short.

  • Your results will look natural, with denser packing – the hair is implanted in the direction that matches your hair growth, and because we select healthy follicles, the treated area will look densely filled.

  • We now offer the “NEEDLE-FREE COMFORT PRE ANAESTHETIC SYSTEM” making the process up to 70% less painful than the traditional method.

Information On The Hair Transplant Procedure

Why Hair Transplantation?

Whenever hair loss occurs there are various reasons as to why. Genetic conditions and environmental factors are major facts of hair loss. Generally, hair loss circumstances are observed in one out of every three(3) males and five(5) females worldwide.
People will often try to solve this problem with different preventive treatments such as shampoo, tablets, lotion, etc.However, these actions have little or no positive effect.

Often when a person experiences hair loss they also can experience a loss of self esteem.  Hair Transplantation, therefore, is a fast and effective solution of overcome the additional problems from hair loss. So, where available, individuals can regain their original hair and shape in one single session via recent-tech medical devices and our trustworthy hair transplant surgeons.

What is the Hair Transplantation and How is it done?

A Hair transplant operation is not only for a person whose has lost all of their hair. This procedure,  also known as “hair restoration” can be carried out by anyone who wants to have a full head of hair, even if they have only a small loss.

The operation is performed with grafts which are resistant to spillage and are located behind the head and between the two ears. The roots in this area are collected by means of micro motors and transferred to the area where the hair loss has occurred.

The hair roots that are planted during the hair transplant will not fall out, like the original hair lost.

Hair Transplantation Methods

At the present time, hair transplantation is carried out by two methods. Both techniques are different from each other in practice.

The old way is FUT (Strip Method ): Hair roots are made with the help of a scalpel from the donor area. These roots are then individually separated and prepared for transplantation. With this technique, there is a linear scar in the donor area on the back of the head. (WE DO NOT OFFER FUT!)

The other method is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): In this method, the follicles are collected one by one from the donor area with a micro-motor system and transferred one by one to the area affected by the hair loss. The FUE method does not leave a lineal scare and is the method our surgeons use. Compared to the FUT method, the FUE method is much more advantageous, efficient and the results are much better.

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